Monday, July 30, 2012


I don't know how i missed it, but i realized change needs to come from my FEELINGS. 

I guess i sort of have been having a hard time trying to be a little more optimistic. I've been making ridiculous excuses in my mind that i can't do it, that others are much more better than i am, and all those kind of negative thoughts. I'm only human, right? I am sure that i am not having one of those low self-esteem kind of thing about how i look and all those, but only troubles with some other things. 

I read a story, this girl talked about exactly how i feel about this certain thing! i mean, i've been wondering if i was the only insane person who felt that way, but i guess i wasn't the only one! Thank heavens for that. I mean, that i've found a solution, at the very least. THAT change needs to come within my thoughts and my feelings. 

Its excruciatingly hard when you're surrounded by negativity to be more positive, but sometimes.. ignorance is the best. Ignorance of negative people. Just do your thing, and make sure you know you're out of their business, then they'd stay out of yours. At least mine does. I have decided to forget about all these negativity, paranoia of thoughts in my head. I'm gonna just let it go.. and put all my focus on what i want to do and achieve. Nothing else matters. It is all easy.

We are all no exception to the universe. 

Visualization and affirmation is the key. Motivation and persistence will be there if you'd just... DO IT. Just do the thing, you'll be surprised on what you'll learn and achieve.

I planned to rant about stuff on this post, but ALWAYS, whenever i do update my blog, i'll end up updating about stuff like this. I guess i can't help it, its sort of like retail therapy to me. Its pretty therapeutic for me to write or express about optimism. 

note to self: To keep my thoughts guarded, 
that a certain people merely wants something to talk about. 

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