Monday, July 23, 2012


Yes, I am alive.

After two years of disappearing, i am back. This blog is kept to be written mostly of my personal thoughts due to the fact that no one actually reads this blog, except.. well.. Iman Afina.

I shall update more soon as i can.

Here's some pictures to enjoy my disappearance..

Iman & I during this year's sport's practice

Just casually being vain in Iman's mac..

Senpai, during tuition :P

and.. me, during tuition

Iman, Zaid and me during this year's Mufti Day

Calvin; teacher's day 2011

Cookie Monster Cupcake during Valentine's Day selling by the parliaments :P 

Amir, Jan, Zaid and Iman 

Iman, Zaid and me during the Sabah Oil and Gas Career talk...

Iman & I during futsal

Arif & I during futsal

Old friend, Aiman & I when we were only 15...

and lastly.. ME.

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