Sunday, September 2, 2012

Daily life

A vid of 1D me and my sister was watching.. yes Nialler looks so cute here!

1st of September; Safwan's open house + Tirah's birthday

The birthday letter I wrote for Tirah :)


Me and Hanif at Tirah's house

A picture of one of the place in NZ (idk where), Jerom WhatsApp me when he went Kayaking. 

I'm back to Criminal Minds! its so thrilling and exciting! Profiling seems quite fun... 


I figured i should try to update my blog as much as i could or else it'll be as dead as.. well.. whatever it is that's dead. 

moving on,

Been having a pretty good life lately, I give thanks to optimism and gratitude itself. Life has been treating me well. School's been dreadful, I must admit. Honestly, I don't think its affecting me, in general though. Its just a certain people looking for faults when there isn't any. Had a week of holidays for Raya break, last, last, week. It was great I guess, but I didn't do much, at the very least. Just gotten a few of my 1st trial's result.. it was just horribly bad. That doesn't mean I have to give up on everything. I just have to strive harder for 2nd trial's.

Recently, I just realized that a certain people are just.. negative. That they aren't capable of being an optimist, but then again, everyone ARE capable. These people just choose to look at the worst of everyone, its so distasteful. I think by ranting about this on my blog is my way of releasing all these things. I just want to like, release all the bad things. And then move on from it, it helps though. 

My advice, to any of you, if you want to be positive, try releasing all the negative thoughts or emotions out. Talk to someone about it, preferably. Since blogging is just so... exposed. If you're into one of those privacy kind of thing, then, yes, venting to a good, trusted friend should help.

I've been reading a lot of articles and blogs and such, I found this really good blog that'd always make up my day. and that owner of the blog is amazingly positive, its so good.

here's one of the thing she wrote:
"i can solely vouch that studying does wonders. don't use "luck" or "brains" or lack thereof to justify your grades.i lacked focus & determination but after mocks, determination found me & the studying religiously commenced. so if you're studying for a major exam, don't fret! study & you'll do brilliant :)
positive thoughts!!!"

I know, all of us thinks that studying is probably one of the first world's pain. But I learnt that apparently, we should all believe that we can do it to actually study. 

THAT, is what I'll try to do now. Okay well, not TRY. I will do it.

I guess that sums up this post? 'Cause well, I really don't know what to do, tbh. I'm currently at my grandma's, and I'm like really awkward. She has unexpected visitors which she fails to mention to me and my mother when we were coming. Yes, I'm being super anti-social by sitting in a corner using my cousin's laptop to blog. well then, I hope everyone's having a great sunday.


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