Sunday, September 30, 2012

non-existent readers

Hello there. Yes, YOU. Whoever that's reading this, or whoever that's non-existing. Whichever.

I am aware that i updated this blog like almost a month ago (since its like september the 30th today). But like, i've been pretty lazy and i just didn't know what to update about. Also because i really was pre-occupied with a ton of things. Mostly, school.

As i've mentioned in the previous post (i hope i did), that i was having my 1st trial exam. So, i was pretty busy with the whole "studying-last-minute" going on at that time. I kept telling myself a month ago that i'll stop studying last minute and actually start studying a month before for my 2nd trial (which totally failed, i assure you). 2nd mock exam start last week on monday, it was... pretty nice. Only because we didn't have to learn or do any homework. All you do is sit there, and do the paper. and you could even sleep before the time runs out. IF you've done your paper, of course, not leave without doing it is acceptable too.

Anyway, life's been a roller coaster (as Zayn Malik says). It is probably an understatement. And i've been feeling out of the blue lately. I should most probably be more.. optimistic than usual. I realized that my predominant thoughts has been telling me things i shouldn't be believing. SO, now i realize that thoughts are really powerful. Because it makes you do things, and bad thoughts makes you do bad things and good thoughts brings good actions.

2nd mock exam is still ongoing currently, since today's the last day of the weekend, i will study. Tomorrow's the Biology exam, there's like 3 papers for it (i shall not complain about it). I should probably start studying right now.

I've been reading more books lately. I used to read a lot of novels of my interest, i stopped reading as much as before like since the middle of this year. Due to the fact that i've been occupied with thoughts about SPM and school going on. But ever since my Mac's charger crashed (gotten a new one today) + my iPhone being stolen, and that i've got nothing to do besides studying last minute.. I decided to read. Since i'd always complain that i don't have any time to read. So i've gotten my hands on Fifty Shades trilogy, Forever Vampire and The Murder of King Tut (a little knowledge doesn't kill, i hope). I finished Fifty Shades trilogy in 2 days times, it was truly something i can never forget or put down. I was hooked on it, and i couldn't stop reading it. In fact, i'm re-reading it currently! Forever Vampire was good, quite refreshing, i must say. Finished it a night before the exam, WHICH, i slept 2 hours only due to the fact that i couldn't stop reading it until i finished it. I finished The Murder Of King Tut in a matter of a few hours (just because my dad practically nags me about studies, so i stayed in the room reading, instead). It was sad and sweet at the same time, I mean, i was always interested in King Tut's life and egyptian history. SO, it was quite sad and refreshing for me to have known what had happened.

I have practically read 5 books in a week! its insane. Now, I would love it if i could read my studying material as fast as reading my fictional books. But sadly, i gotta have faith and believe to study.

All right i will post a new picture post. Enjoy.

sorry to bore you guys with this nonsense about my life these days.. Um.. Yeah.

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