Wednesday, October 10, 2012



i have been procrastinating so badly i can't even explain how ridiculous i'm being. Anyway, so today i woke up feeling sick and shittier than ever. It was horrendous. what with my bad headache, and a very mild fever. I decided to skip today's extra class (obviously the best decision i've made).

I have no idea how to study because i'm supposed to be good in my basics but, hey, who am i kidding? my basics are bad. Not that i didn't pay attention in class, but i have a habit of putting off revising materials until the last minute and procrastinate. Totally explains why i'm bad in my basics.

Anyhow, a friend that was the 2011 SPM taker, and also this really cool teacher that used to work in the government sector, told me to do lots of 2012 SPM trial papers from other states and also past years papers. So, currently i'm just downloading the trial papers from the internet and then do all of it. Since i can't exactly read the whole huge textbook of chemistry, biology, physics or maths OR add maths. But, i will do my best to read Sejarah though.

I really should and will stop going online on any social networks. Its far too distracting. And especially my favorite novels, my goodness, they're so bloody tempting. I'd rather read those books than school books.

Sigh, i guess i'll carry on with my downloading and printing.


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