Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hello November

Happy november, everyone!

oh and, Happy belated halloween. I hope everyone's had a great halloween, although we don't do much over here in KK. Trick or Treats normally happens in western countries, and as far as we could go in celebrating it here, is having a party out of it. Yeah, i think that's about it.

SPM starts next monday, i am worried, but i'm telling myself and re-affirming that things will be better. That although i'm having a horrendous panic attack, i'll do just great. I've just committed myself in doing SBP past year papers & current year's, and past year papers too. A few trial papers, also.

I'd totally be concentrating on BM, Sejarah and Mathematics for this weekend, since its next week. Then 2 weeks of holidays before my science stream subjects like, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Add. Maths. Pray to God that i'll seriously do lots of exercises. I'll read the textbook for the science stream subjects + exercises and exercises for add maths.

Now that i'm letting some of those plans and emotions out on this blog about everything, it feels so much better and happier.

November wishes:

  1. to always stay positive and look for the silver linings
  2. study and study and study until SPM's over
  3. lose weight
  4. get excited over HK's trip for christmas
  5. to be happy
  6. to be nicer
  7. to drink more water
okay, that sums up everything. I shall get ready for tuition now.

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