Thursday, July 20, 2017

Final year

Holy shit the last entry I had was years ago HAHAHAHA I completely forgotten that I even have this blog. The least cringest post I have is prolly the last post about KL and the people I've met and that is by far my favourite 😂

Mooooooving on, I've moved to the UK for my final year and it's been pretty darn good, the good and the bad times. No lie, I've had my fair share of drama but consequently, I am pretty fucking grateful. I'm so fucking glad my parents made me leave KK in the first place, moving to KL was the best decision (yes I'm aware I've mentioned but I can't emphasis enough!!) and I would say KL was the starting point and prepped me for England. 

England was not what I've expected, but to be fair, I didn't have much expectations to begin with. What I kept forgetting was how free and open it was living there, and I gotta admit, even I got carried away for a short time with all the parties and the people I've met. Safe to say, I've realised that I was too wild in my first semester so I had to buck up for the second semester, which paid off btw! I am finally done with degree, and officially a law graduate. Never thought I'd say this, but I really loved my undergrad life and it was the best 3 years of my life. I would do it all over again if I have to, but with God's will my time with LLB is over and I gotta proceed for postgrad (fml I know). 

Quick snippets, I've travelled to Italy with the best Bristol crew and I had a bomb ass time eating and getting drunk and being ratchet af puking by the shell station whilst walking to a nearby club (disgusting I know but you'd have laughed if you were there). I remember being way too fucking drunk and that my friends were all the same and the guys had to stay sober because the Italians in that club was cringiest af albeit being super duper good looking. Oh and this was in Rome btw, being stared at cos, we Asians 😂 Also, we went to Naples and that was prolly the nicest and liveliest place I've been and I loved our day trip in Naples, it wasn't like your typical bustling city but it was chilled and people were friendly. And the SUN. OMG the sun in Italy was good, especially since we went during winter time and England is just some gloomy hell hole most of the time (except summer, but even so they're not THAT great). And winter in England is just depressing as fuck. 

Furthermore (HAR HAR as if I'm writing an essay), I went to Algeria for Easter break (weird I know cos who the fuck goes to Algeria for holidays unless you're Algerian) to visit my best friends. One of the BEST. TIMES. OF. MY. LIFE. More so because I get to see my boys, and this time in their turf!!! The rest of the Algerians were like "goddamm this chick's got dedication" HAHAHAHA no but legit they've been trying to convince me for a while now and they were done with Uni in Malaysia so the only way was to visit them and flying from England which is fucking near. To my non-existent reader, in case you don't know where the fuck is Algeria or even heard of it, it's in Northern Africa, by the border of Europe. Legit like the Mediterranean Sea in between Algeria and you'll see Spain and well.. Mallorca. I'll do a separate post of Algeria after this post cos I've got tons of pictures HAHAHAHA. 

Anyways, I'll leave it all to the pictures to do the talking sooooooooooo ya 

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